Jimmy Jib Lite

Model Reach Height Weight Load
Super (Lite) 18ft, (5.4m) 25ft. (7.6m) 25lbs.
Giant Plus (Lite) 15ft. (4.5m) 23ft. (7m) 25lbs.
Giant (Lite) 12ft. (3.6m) 19ft. (5.7m) 25lbs.
Standard Plus (Lite) 9ft. (2.7m) 16ft. (4.8m) 25lbs.
Standard (Lite) 6ft. (1.8m) 13ft. (3.9m) 25lbs.
Smaller Camera, Smaller Budget!

Jimmy Jib Lite

Jibs and the Evolution of the Camera

Over the past 25 years, we have been witnesses to the evolution of the Camera.  Not only has it gone from recording on Betacam Tapes or 35mm celluloid to digital flash memory cards, and from resolutions of 480p to 4k, and even 8k, but many of the Professional Video and Film Cameras today are a fraction of the weight and size of their predecessors.

Fortunately, MTJibs has always stayed ahead of the curve!

Our affordable Jimmy Jib Lite is the perfect rig for shoots with smaller cameras and smaller budgets.  It is equipped with the same reliable electronics and controls as the Triangle Jib, but designed with a strong & light aluminum construction.  Feel the ease of swinging an 18 ft. arm with half the muscle force required on other jibs of the same length.  Build the Jimmy Jib Lite from 6 ft. to 18 ft. in length and a camera load of up to 25 lbs.