Pushing the limits of your creativity!

Our Motion Impossible Agito Dolly is the latest addition to the MTJIBS lineup of camera movement equipment.  This robust system allows for limitless creativity and offers unparalleled versatility for both the cinematic and broadcast arenas.  It can be operated from up to 1000 meters away making the Agito very COVID-safe!  When combined with our Shotover G1 three-axis stabilized gimbal, the system delivers silky smooth shots at wide and tight focal lengths.



Our AGITO Kit includes:

AGITO Dolly (Sports/Trax)

SHOTOVER G1 Gimbal (including Wireless Follow Focus, Iris, and Zoom)

Complete Battery Power for all units

Complete Fiber Optic Video/Comms Integration for Broadcast Applications

Wireless Video Transmission Kit


Optional Accessories:

Up to 72 FEET of Heavy Duty Speed Rail Dolly Track (8 ft. sections)

SONY HDC-P1R Box Camera (recommended for Broadcast Applications)

Canon Full Servo Wide-Angle Lens (recommended for Broadcast Applications)

18′ High Bright Production Monitor
John Perry - ZE3A2343





When built in Sports Mode, the Agito Dolly acts as a remote-controlled camera car.  With four different options for tire style (Dolly, Multi-Terrain, Ice, or Monster Wheels), the Agito can operate on any surface.  It can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour and run for hours on two 22v batteries, depending on use.

The V-Con Pro vibration isolator carries the stabilized head and absorbs extreme shock in even the harshest terrain.  This not only ensures a smooth shot but also protects the stabilized head from dangerous turbulence.

Our Agito Sports kit comes with stacking risers that will allow you to raise the stabilized head up to 2 ft. higher than its base position.  It can also be built with the Agito Tower, a remote-controlled pedestal that has a boom range of 26″.


When built in Trax Mode, the Agito has state-of-the-art dolly drive ends that securely ride on any straight or curved dolly track between 12″ and 16″ in width.  The Agito Trax is controlled by a Master remote controller that allows for detailed customization of settings to deliver optimal performance a variety of shooting styles.

John Perry - ZE3A2357

The Agito Trax can reach speeds of up to 3 meters per second.  It uses an M-Sense device that allows the Agito to find each end of the track with a set of Magnets that can be placed at preferred stopping distances.  MTJIBS has up to 72 feet of dolly track available that come in 8 ft. sections.

John Perry - ZE3A2318

The Agito Trax can be operated in both One-Man and Two-Man Operation, depending on the style of shoot.  In One-Man Operation, both the Dolly as well as the Tower can be operated using two sets of Foot Pedals.  This allows the operator to manipulate the remote head with his hands and the Agito with his feet.  In Two-Man Operation, the Agito Dolly and Agito Tower are controlled using the Master controller.  The Agito Tower allows for smooth vertical movement for even more creative shots.  With its long 26″ boom range, it allows the operator to, quickly or slowly, raise or lower the camera at the touch of button…or foot pedal!

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