Camera & Audio Gear

Camera Packages

#1 RED Dragon Package
#2 Canon C100 Mark II
#3 Canon 5D Mark III

Engineer Audio Packages

Shure Mixer
Lectrasonic & Sennheiser Wireless Mic Systems
Hand and Shotgun Mics
Boom Pole
6-Channel Mackie Audio Board


Arri Light Kit – 1000w Open-Faced w/ Chimera, 2 x Arri 650w fresnels, 1 x 300w fresnel, 1 x 150w Fresnel
Mole Richardson – 1 x 250w Fresnel
Lowel DV Creator Light Kit – 1 x 500w Omni, 1 x 500w Ambi, and 3 x 250w Pro Lights
4 x Avenger C Stands with Arms
2 x Matthews C Stands with Arms
14′ x 10′ Green Screen Cloth
Miscellaneous Gels, Lights, Grip Equipment, Expendables, etc.
Various Fluorescents (32k)