Explore our wide selection of camera jib equipment configurations to meet your needs.

Technocrane 22

Our Technocrane 22 is a compact telescoping camera crane that can deliver a variety of angles and movement in tight spaces. 

Camera Movement Equipment

With remote-controlled operation and multi-terrain mobility, our Agito dolly can be built in Sports Mode or Trax Mode to benefit any type of production.


Check out our Steadicam package equipped with accessories for both film and broadcast shoots.

Stabilized Heads
Stabilized Heads

Take your camera off-road or on-track with our three-axis gimbals that get you perfectly smooth shots over difficult terrain.

Robo heads
Robo Heads

Add a camera position anywhere! Our robotic camera heads can be rigged up high on a truss or low on a tripod.


Need the movement and the camera? We have you covered! Check out our cameras for broadcast and film shoots, as well as our inventory of lenses.

Professional Camera Accessories

Wireless Video Transmission and FIZ control to dolly track and rigging hardware, we have everything you’ll need to keep your ideal camera setup on the move!


Don’t settle for subpar video production quality. 

At MTJIBS we focus on your project quality with an experienced crew and professional grade camera MOVEMENT EQUIPMENT. 

At Michael C. Taylor Productions (MTJIBS) we provide the creative camera angles and dynamic camera movement necessary to tell your story in the most engaging way, so viewers never turn away!

The Jimmy Jib, Technocrane, Agito Dolly, and Steadicam, (to name a some of our equipment available) all offer unique perspective and powerful versatility that can take your video production from “pretty good” to “MUST WATCH”.  

From Miami to Palm Beach, and beyond—we provide the experienced crews and reliable equipment to production teams that need their stories remembered!


USA Swimming needed a reliable, precise tracking shot to follow their Olympics-bound swimmers at the nationally televised 2023 Phillips 66 National Championship Series.

See how our AGITO Trax, AGITO Tower, and Shotover G1 combined to become the perfect solution to add dynamic coverage to this sport.   Watch AGITO on Swimming

“happy with the results"

“I want to add my thanks for a great job this weekend...The Food Network execs were all very happy with the results. Thanks again for your hard work & great attituted under sometimes stressful moments”

North Beach Media, Inc.

"Superior creativity"

"Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, MTJIBS always delivers. Superior creativity and experience makes them the consummate multi-tasker”

Marcelo Gama
Senio Director, Univision Television Network

"you make me look good”

“My first thought when I started the project was, how could I take this to another level of production? I knew I could count on you for that. Everyone is blown away by how beautiful and smooth the shots are . . . You make me look good. I wish more people would realize what a difference it makes having a jib on set”

paul halluch
Palluch Productions. Anthony Hall Music Video

"a joy to work with”

“Michael Taylor is always the first person I call for jibs and special equipment. He and his team are a joy to work with, and their creative input always enhances the quality of our productions. They’re an invaluable resource and an important member of our creative team”

Scott Siskin
Blu Wave Productions

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