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Another Emmy Award for the MTJIBS Team: The Future is Bright

Where going the extra mile takes you

There’s a tale behind every award, and for Michael Taylor, CEO of MTJIBS, the journey to his 2019 and 2023 Emmy Awards began two decades prior when he acquired his first jimmy jib.

In 1994, Michael Taylor was a handheld and fixed cameraman covering the full spectrum of South Florida sports.  Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer – you name it, he shot it.  But the grueling workload of the freelancer began to weigh heavily on him, and he knew even the lucrative overtime pay was not worth the livelihood it required.  With a family to feed and youth on his side, he discovered a niche where he could better capitalize on his skills: the Jimmy Jib.

Taylor was one of the first to own a Jimmy Jib in Florida, establishing MTJIBS in 1999.  He became obsessed with the ability to shoot with movement and unique angles he could never achieve with the camera on his shoulder.  As the local television networks and producers became introduced to the jib, the phones began to ring, and in only a few years, MTJIBS became the leading vendor for Jimmy Jib services in Miami.  By 2007, MTJIBS was providing up to seven jibs at a time for everything from sporting events and music festivals to commercials and motion pictures.

The age of camera movement

But the Jimmy Jib was not the only tool MTJIBS became known for.  Before long, the company had invested in remote hot heads, a telescopic camera crane, robotic camera dollies, handheld camera stabilizers, and gimbals.  The age of camera movement was in full effect and everyone in both the film and television industries wanted to add dynamism and perspective to their productions.

In 2018, Michael Taylor was tapped by FOX to operate Jimmy Jib for the FIFA Women’s World Cup studio coverage in Paris.  The 30-day global broadcast won the 2019 Emmy Award for Outstanding Technical Team.  “It didn’t feel like an award for one job, but a recognition for an arduous career of excellence,” Taylor reflects. Taylor won his second Emmy award as an AGITO Dolly Pilot for Outstanding Camerawork for a Special on the Elton John Live: Farewell Tour in Dodger Stadium.

The awards became a symbol of the excellence, artistry, and professionalism not only displayed by Michael, but also by the operators and technicians he trained and mentored over the decades.  Matt Greene, a subcontractor for MTJIBS for twenty years, won an Emmy award in 2022 as part of the Technocrane crew on the FIFA World Cup in Dubai.

According to Michael Taylor, “MTJIBS was never just a rental house of camera movement equipment.  It is a company of camera motion specialists that are passionate about creating shots that tell stories and engage audiences using reliable, quality gear.”  The Jimmy Jib, the Technocrane, the AGITO Dolly, the Steadicam, the Shotover, Arri, and DJI gimbals.  By themselves, these tools can do nothing.  But in the hands of skilled, experienced camera motion specialists, they can elevate production value, add energy to the scene, and pull viewers to the edge of their seats.

Emmy Awards in the Horizon

The hardware has history, and at MTJIBS, we believe there are many more award worthy productions on the horizon.  Our growing team of operators and technicians have adopted the vision of our company and are using our gear to make unforgettable moving pictures.  We refuse to provide mediocre work.  We go the extra mile.  We search for the hidden angles and design shots that capture the scene best.  We collaborate with directors and DP’s to achieve their visions.  Whether for live sporting events, concerts, or narrative films, camera movement is essential for visual storytelling, and our ops execute in excellence.

Let us help you elevate your production value and hook your viewership with premiere camera movement.  Check out our work on the Phillips 66 National Championships last summer.

Emmy Awards of Michael Taylor and Matt Greene