Technocrane 22

Telescopes from 5'6'' to 22"


  The Technocrane 22’s most popular feature is its ability to telescope from a 5 ft. arm to a 22 ft. arm in seconds!  This eliminates the limitation of the conventional jib’s fixed arch motion.  With the Technocrane 22, your camera can now move across space in straight lines, diagonals, and arches, all the while enjoying the extravagant high and low angle capabilities of a jib.


TechnoatUnivision16-9   IMG_5597

Compact and Versatile!

TechnoMainShot   Techno-Wheels 

photo-10  Techno on Ford Commercial

The Technocrane 22 is a great, compact solution for your tight spaces, light cameras, small studios, standard doorways, and more.

  • 4 -wheel Dolly Base
  • 2’6” wide x 3’8” long

Single- or Dual-Person Control


Techno at Jungle Queen Island

Our Technocrane is custom-engineered to allow for single-man operation capability or two-person operation.  That means you can choose to have one operator with full control of the design and execution of the shot.

See below for the functions that can be controlled for your lens:

Video Lens  –  Zoom | Focus | Pan | Tilt | Telescope

Cine Lens  –  Pan| Tilt | Telescope

Targeting Computer

Techno-Computer1   Techno-CraneHead

Getting the perfect shot is as easy as choosing your target!

Our Technocrane 22 is equipped with a state-of-the-art targeting computer making it easier than ever to shoot your subject and never lose the frame.  By simply entering the measurements of the decided crane height, camera, and lens, we can record up to 6 targets for the crane head to follow.  These targets allow operators to freely boom, telescope, and zoom without ever losing the focus or the framing of the pan/tilt of the crane  head.*

  • *Full Servo Video Lens – Focus, Zoom and Spot Targeting
  • Cine Lens – Spot Targeting
  • Can Memorize Up to 6 Targets


Operational Controls for both Video and Cine Lenses

Operational Controls for  Video and Cine Lenses
Control Box for Video Lens