South Florida Camera Jib Crane Rental

Browse camera jib crane rental options for your next project. MTJIBS is your source for quality camera equipment, including camera jib cranes. View available cranes and contact us for a quote.

When to Use a Camera Jib Crane

Camera jib cranes allow you to capture the action from up high. The crane extends the camera into the air, giving you an overhead perspective. You can record from above and capture sweeping panoramic shots using a camera jib crane.

Cranes come in varying lengths and are also available in telescoping models. A telescoping camera jib crane gives you greater versatility for setting up the perfect shot.  Depending on the model, you may be able to extend the camera jib crane up to 22 feet in a matter of seconds.

Cranes are also available with remote operation and other features to suit different projects. Start comparing camera jib cranes for your upcoming TV, news, or movie production.

Michael C. Taylor Productions (MTJIBS) offers cameras, camera equipment, and crews at unbeatable prices. We are a leading camera equipment provider in the South Florida region. You can depend on us for quality equipment, including camera jib cranes, for your next project.

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