Remote Camera Dolly Rental in South Florida

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Why Use a Remote Camera Dolly

Remote camera dollies offer smooth horizontal movement with the ease and efficiency of remote-controlled operation.  Whether on a straight or curved track, or off-track on free-roaming wheels, remote camera dollies can provide dynamism and effective coverage for any video production.

Remote camera dollies solve three major problems:

  1. While traditional push dollies require at least three people to operate and surround the camera (camera operator, dolly grip, and a cable wrangler), a remote camera dolly needs ZERO personnel in proximity of the track.  An unmanned remote dolly system is essential for productions that require a visually discreet camera setup.
  2. In live events, floor space means dollar signs.  Show runners typically want to sell as many high-priced floor seats as possible.  This could mean every inch on the floor taken by the camera setups is revenue lost.  While traditional dolly tracks are 24.5” wide from rail to rail, all of our remote camera dollies can operate at a track width as narrow as 12”.  That takes up less than half the space of traditional dollies and could mean saving producers lots of money!  Learn about out how our AGITO Dolly eliminates the need for track when configured in Sports mode.
  3. All of our remote camera dollies can be completely operated by the camera operator.  While using a Joystick and FIZ controller for the gimbal and lens operation, the same camera operator can use foot pedals to manipulate the movement of the dolly.  This is a great advantage when complex dolly shots require intuitive, immediate speed adjustments.  Using traditional dollies, complex shots can have delayed execution due to their manual operation, but with our remote dollies moving at the press of a pedal, directors can rely on their camera movement vision accurately coming to life.
  4. Traditional push dollies can only go as fast as the strength of their dolly grips and can’t accelerate beyond their ability to stop.  Our remote camera dollies can reach 7 mph on track and 25 mph off track.  They have regenerative braking which doesn’t require as much stopping distance at high speeds like traditional dollies do.  Go faster, longer with a remote camera dolly!

Some more features to consider include maximum payload, lens height adjustments, dual-gimbal mode, and our newest remote camera dolly accessory….MagTrax.

If you are ready to find the right dolly for you, browse our site.  Michael C. Taylor Productions (MTJIBS) is the leading choice for camera movement services and rentals in the South Florida region.  We offer competitive rates, experienced crew, and high-quality rental options.

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